Candelabras and Panelabras

Aisleabra w/glass hurricane chimney





Spiral Candelabra 


Silver Victorian Candelabra

(detailed photo)


Ivory Candelabra


3 Panel, 39 tea light candle screen


Silver Victorian Aisleabra


Brass 17 candle holder, Hearts

Brass 9 candle holder, Angleabra

Silver 3 height candleholders

Brass 9 candle holder, Branch tree

Gold 30" candle holders

Brass 15 candle, Fan candelabra

All of our candelabras include 15" dripless, mechanical candles or votive cups with candles.  

Assorted table top unity candle holders (candle not included)

Stop in and see our selection. Our Candelabras can be customized to match your decor!

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